V9 Roamer

125.998 DKK

Designed to touch the heart

Designed to last and destined to claim a place in history, the V9 ROAMER takes classic, solid style to another level, with high-end finishing details that showcase the new 850cc twin-cylinder. Versatile, comfortable and elegant, it’s destined to capture the attention of by passers and the hearts of riders. Its iconic style comes with a host of innovations such as dual-channel ABS and Moto Guzzi Traction Control to make for a great riding experience even for less experienced riders. A pure and simple bike with a stirring tradition behind it, the V9 ROAMER will have your emotions working overtime.
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125.998 DKK
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As light as an eagle feather

In true Moto Guzzi fashion, weight is kept to a minimum, and the V9 ROAMER’s reduced mass, together with its sleek body and new 850cc twin cylinder creates handling and feeling like never before. With its ergonomic seating triangle, it’s easy to find a comfortable riding position on the ample saddle. An absolute breeze to ride, you’ll be setting off on road trips at the slightest opportunity.

Enjoy every single kilometre

The V ROAMER is simply a joy to ride with ergonomics designed to ensure an alert yet relaxed posture so that even the tallest riders can enjoy all the bike has to offer to the max. The long and comfortable generously padded seat with embroidered Moto Guzzi logo is more than equipped to carry rider and passenger on all sorts of fun adventures.

Take total control

In line with the V9 ROAMER’s style, the multi-function dashboard is a single circular dial with an analogue speedometer and all other data presented in a digital box where you’ll find odometer, trip time, fuel consumption, outside temperature, average speed, rider- adjustable minimum and maximum revs and much more.